Friday, January 27, 2012


I just woke up this morning and realized that tommorrow I am moving to BOSTON! I of course I've known this was happening for 5 months. It's amazing how your brain can just ignore things completely and pretend they aren't happening. Although I was blistfully pretending it wasn't happening (around the packing and planning) I am actually glad I realized this today. I figured it would just hit me once I got there. Now, however I can really enjoy the day and be "in my body" while I say good-bye properly.
The kids have been really great through all of this. Noah, who is 3 is so excited to move. He keeps packing little bags everyday with all of his essentials like cars and his favorite shoes. It's really cute. He keeps talking about how he'll live in Boston and play with Daddy again. To clarify, my husband Joe has been in Boston since September. The kids really miss him. This morning I reminded Madyson (my 6 year old) that today would be her last day of school. I thought she would be upset but instead she said "I just wanna hurry up and see Daddy already". I wonder if any of us really understand what's about to happen.
I am excited about this new adventure. I know the culture and people are quite different but I think this change is just what we need to get out of our 5 year rut. I'm laughing because in the last sentence I described Boston like it's another country. I'm so sheltered :)
So here we go, let's do this. Today will be hard because I hate saying good-bye to people but I'm hoping it will be cleansing also so I can start this new chapter fresh. Wish me luck!