Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things I've learned...

OK so I've been here a couple of months, so I now I'm an expert ;). Not really but here are the things I've learned about New Englander's.
1. They seem to all be expert parallel Parker's- which is so far very necessary around here and also is something I am not good at all! (thanks Mom). I am getting better but I still land about 2 feet off the curb and at least 3 feet in front of the other car. However, I also still have Colorado plates so I figure I am excused as the idiot from Co (at least for now).
2. Everyone knows everyone and everyone is a 'townie'. It seems as though they all know each other's, names, family members, where they work, and where they were on Saturday night. I feel a little left out but it's kind of funny too. They probably are thinking "who the hell is this girl and what is she doing in our town?" But that's OK since I was at home on Saturday night. I might note that at least 10 people have told me how this town is known nationally for the number of 'townies'. This means that this town, Norwood has the most number of people who were born here, raised here, raise their families here and then die here in the U.S. I know this because they are very proud of it and have educated me.
3. People around here really love their doughnuts and coffee. I thought Coloradoans were crazy for Starbucks but they put us to shame with the number of Dunkin Doughnuts per sq. mile. Noah and I have started a (bad) tradition of going to DD (that's what they call it) and getting a doughnut between dropping Mady off at school and going to the library on Thursday mornings. While there I have noticed that almost every person going in there knows the girls behind the counter, and they know them and their drink of preference as well. When the person walks in they have their drink ready. It's pretty impressive actually. They all sit at different tables shouting back and forth to each other about the day ahead and how their dad's are doing. I'm sure any day now they will ask me how someone I know is doing. :)
4.  The food really is better. I know~ I curse myself for saying this because I have felt bad every time my M.I.L. has said it to me but it's true. The subs are better, the pizza is better, the Chinese is waistline is rounder. Not only that but they seem to deliver almost anything which could become a very unhealthy and very expensive habit. But if it's only in moderation then I suppose it's OK- right?
5. Mothers. Well I haven't cracked the code on that yet but they seem to be part of an elite, invitation only club that meets every Tuesday (at DD of course). This is all speculation of course. It's OK though because I know I'm awesome and they eventually will realize it and invite me in, after the extensive background check and the Colorado plates are gone of course. :)
6. Grandparent's. They seem to be a very important part of raising a family around here. It's nice. A lot of the families all live in the same town so the day to day routines are done by both the parents and the grandparents such as school pick up and drop off, library time, and DD visits.
7. Everyone talks funny. Just kidding.
There's more but I should probably participate in bedtime and all of that. I wonder where I can get a group of grandparents that will do that for me so I can just sit here and blog all day. ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noah's World

This is Super Noah- otherwise known as 'Noah Michael Bennett' (by himself)
He loves camping and has quite an imagination. Here is a campsite he made, complete with a bug, a tent (the picture when standing), hot dogs, table and fire (made out of paper), a bridge (green thing) and a bed for the bug (the blue bug catcher). Can you see it no

He loves to draw- all day everyday. Here is a drawing of our house with bunk beds (on left) a ladder, a slide, a spider and grass of course.

Here we are at his living room camp site. We make a lot of camp sites (when we're not coloring that is)

Here is Puss in Boots Noah. Complete with feather in his hat (tissue) belt (exercise band), boots (2 different) and sward (a piece of plastic he broke off another toy)

Now we are going out to eat. This is a zoo he built from forks and spoons with the new animals he got.
Finally, he is a drawing for Easter. I drew the basket and grass (because I was told to- and he's the boss ;)). He drew the Easter Bunny (left) with wiskers (not eyelashes), eggs, candy, toys and a mom (with a purse and phone) and baby (right)
 He is such a funny and creative guy! Everyday is a new adventure, ok well a lot of times it's the same adventure with a new twist.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Can't Sleep

I haven't written much about me but I'm struggling. It's late here and I can't sleep because I'm sad and missing home. I miss my family, my friends, the weather, the people, the kids school, and even our house that I didn't really like much. I keep trying to convince myself that it's only temporary. I'm sure it is, but it doesn't help right now. It is so different here. I'm not in another country like my friend Charmian, she's braver than me. I still feel like I'm in another world though. The people are different, the weather is different, the school is different and even the grocery stores are different- and so far not in a good way.
I feel like I'm on an island. No one knows what I'm going through. Joe listens but doesn't understand because his family is here and he wasn't connected to the people as much as I was. I want to be brave and tell everyone I'm fine but I cry- alone- at 12:48 am.
I miss all of my friends. I think of you all often and the fun our kids shared as did we. I hope you haven't forgotten about me.
I have to remember there is a reason we came here. If we were back in Colorado we would be saying "Why didn't we move". I also have to remember that this will pass. I wish I could have everything I love and need all in one place. For everyone out there who has all of their family in one place, a great house, a great job and great friends- please be grateful and don't ever take it for granted.
I'm going to attempt to sleep now.....wish me luck

Saturday, March 3, 2012

5 week update

So we've been here 5 weeks. It has gone by fast but so much as happened. Here's a quick breakdown.

Me: I started walking with no crutches, for real since after I posted that I had I actually had to go back to the crutches for a few days- that will teach me to mock crutch walkers :0. I also started driving! That was really exciting since now I can go to the store and the library and even go exploring my new town. Noah and I don't have to be cooped up all day anymore which is so nice because I think he was becoming a shut in. I really enjoyed being taken care of for awhile by others but now I can do the laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning like before- I'm the luckiest girl around (add sarcastic laugh here). It is nice to be able to shower alone and leave the house but the laundry and cleaning- eh.
Joe: He has been working hard. He likes his new job because he gets to make very high class dishes and take pride in his work instead of just pushing papers around. He's getting used to having us around  again including dates with his wife and elaborate Lego building with Noah. He's also looking forward to finding us our own house, camping in the summer, and the beach.
Madyson: Mady has done so well adjusting to her new school and friends. She still talks about her old school, teachers and mostly her friends from Colorado but she's excited we will get to visit in the summer. She now goes to school all day and gets to have lunch there- she likes it some days and says its too long most other days. Last week we donated a Hermit Crab to her class so that has been very exciting for her and all the kids in the class. She loves all the people around the house and when her 6 year old 'tude kicks in she can go see someone who is not annoying her ;) (that really works out both ways). Today she is having a play date with a new friend that goes to her school and also to Sheila's church. Next weekend she is going to have her very first sleepover with a cousin. She is officially 6 now so she is embarrassed by me and annoyed by almost everyone. Her eye rolling has really been perfected and the other day when I was doing her hair - and singing I might add- she said "You're torturing me!" What a proud mommy moment.
Noah: What can I say about Noah. He loves living here. His imagination is working almost 24 hours a day. He builds very detailed campsites with his animals and forts with the pillows. He loves drawing so we spend a lot of time making pictures of people and places he loves. He also likes being able to spend time with different people but he still loves his Mommy most (thank you very much). He still packs his 'suitcase' (a small spider man backpack) and 'flys' to see his friend Owen in California (although he lives in Colorado) at least 3-4 times a week.

We miss everyone so much and we can't wait to visit in July! Keep in touch!!