Thursday, July 26, 2012

Parents Vs. DINKS

Lately I've been finding myself questioning how people without kids act around us or our schedule. Sometimes i get annoyed but then it usually makes me laugh. How easily I have forgotten those easy days before I had kids. Had I known then what I know now u would have- (no! Not gone without kids) I would have enjoyed those quiet moments more. Here is one of my many lists comparing how us parents think vs how DINKS (double income no kids) think.
Traffic: DINK "I hate traffic! I just wanna get home" US "I hope there's some traffic so I can take my time getting home and have some quiet time"
7:00pm: DINK "what should we do for dinner after this nice glass of wine? the new sushi restaurant or order in?"
US "oh God it's only 7? I have a whole hour before I can get these monsters to bed and watch something other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Spongebob!"
7:00am- DINKS "oh I think I'll watch the news and then go for a jog before having a nice long shower"
US "OMG I have to pee but they are still miraculously asleep so I refuse to move from this spot in case I might accidentally wake someone up".
DINKS- "my dogs are the people I love most in the world"
US- "I never knew I could love (a real) person so much, I could sit here and stare at him/her for hours"

I would say parents are the lucky ones even with all the craziness and crying I would take it any day over a jog and a glass of wine. After all that's what long weekends away while the kids are with Grandma are for.

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