Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camp Out

Over Memorial Day weekend we got the chance to go camping with some really great people. I knew Annmarie from when I lived here before and we always got along great .Turns out her husband, Matt is also a fun guy and they have a 4 year old son who the kids had a great time with. Here are some pics from our weekend. Hopefully this is the only the beginning of many great weekends together!

Noah and Matthew eating chips

Their weekend pet turtle

Aw, cute dirty camping couple ;)

Annmarie getting a splinter out but it looks like she's reading her palm ;)

the kids in the pool

Mady's first lost tooth

Mr. Nature

Mady and Matthew (He had a crush on her- so cute)

Noah's new friend Bently. He LOVED the dogs!

Only kid who falls asleep on a wagon ride

Just before he fell asleep

Wagon ride

In the pool with Daddy

They kept putting their chairs around the turtles home and staring at it for long periods of time- so funny

The turtle by the pond

Noah fishing

Noah and his fishing wing man Matthew

Looking for turtles and frogs at the pond


  1. Wouldn't that make Matthew Noah's Fin-Man? :o) I'm so glad you've reconnected with your old friend. Things will start to settle in soon.

    1. Yes of course- Fin man- you're so funny! Thanks for your encouragement! Hope you're enjoying springtime.